Update #2: E-mail showing Evidence of all required Insurance

E-mail from our insurance agent, Pat Hurley at HUB International, addressing the Insurance portion of our Performance Review:

September 5, 9:04am from D. Patrick Hurley

State of California Employees:

My office was made aware of an egregious oversight on your part. In your Summary Report of a “Performance Review” that was conducted at The Camp Store in Carlsbad you reference deficiencies (0 out of 4 possible points) for the following items:

  • Performance Bond “expired”- Bond # 346730 is in force and expires 0n 1/16/23
  • Liability Insurance “expired”- Policy BKS60818387 is in force and expires on 1/20/23
  • Fire Insurance “expired and State is not listed as Loss Payee” – Policy BKS60818387 is in force and expires on 1/20/23. State is listed as Loss Payee
  • Automobile Insurance-“expired and only includes non-owned autos” The Camp Store does not own any autos. Policy BKS60818387 is in force and expires on 1/20/23 and the State is listed as additionally insured.
  • Workers Compensation- “expired and missing waiver of subrogation” Policy #9281800-22 is in force and expires 8/11/23.

Certificates of Insurance naming The State of California, its officers, agents and employees as additionally insured were sent to two addresses- 1416 9th Street, Suite 1442-7, Sacramento CA 95814 and 4477 Pacific Highway, San Diego CA 92110 on renewal of policies listed above. Based on this information I am giving you 0 out of 5 possible points. I have read through the Report and it appears you have made similar errors or assumptions throughout. This is, in my opinion, a waste of taxpayers dollars when someone on your team could have verified the insurance status very easily by checking your files. Also in my opinion, your time and efforts could be better spent supporting businesses, especially those that are paying rent directly to the state as well as taxes. I support my valued client in challenging your report and welcome any questions you may have.


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