The Camp Store Club

The Camp Store Club

A community driven initiative to enhance live music, entertainment , and special events at The Camp Store

Membership Options

Your membership subscription will help support The Camp Store's efforts to create a beachfront destination for our community to enjoy that brings people together. The Camp Store is spreading seasonal cheer with "THE SOUND OF LIGHT", our annual holiday light and music displays that will illuminate the beach during both the Halloween and Holiday seasons. We provide this event to the public free of charge; however due to the substantial equipment and production costs we do accept donations as part of "The Camp Store Club" initiative. The Camp Store Club subscription now includes unlimited table reservations for our subscribers. (Day of reservations are now $12 for tables and $40 for the fire pit with all funds being used to improve entertainment at The Camp Store)

  • $60/year
  •  Unlimited access to all public events including our live music, light shows and other planned entertainment
  •  Unlimited Table Reservations (if available on your requested date… plan ahead whenever possible)
  •  Free camping chair rental to use to watch performances (if available)
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  • $10/year
  •  Unlimited access to all public events including the Halloween and Christmas light shows
  • Free camping chair rental to use to watch performances (if available)
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  • $260/year
  •  Unlimited access to all public events
  • Tagged post for your personal or business account on Instagram and Facebook promoting your sponsored act.
  • Unlimited Table reservations
  • Includes a  Camp Store t-shirt (pick up at store)
  • Free camping chair rental to use to watch performances (if available)
  • Click here to subscribe and Sponsor a Local Artist Performance

Funds will be used for:

Fund, Improve, and Maintain our new Halloween and Holiday Light Shows

The Camp Store strives to create new , exciting, family-friendly experiences that everyone can enjoy free of charge. We hope to be able to offer this light show, year after year, and make it better and better with new music, new layouts, and more features. Due to the complex nature of this endeavour we are optimistic and hopeful that members in our local community and even some campers will help offset the costs with in-kind donations or by joining "The Camp Store Club". These funds will help pay back our initial investment and ensure that we can continue to offer other new events that people can enjoy, ticket free! And, in the case of the light show, help with some the electric bill! 😉

Improve the Musical Experience

Develop the overall music and entertainment program for our community to enjoy free of charge.

Larger Acts

Host full bands and increase the total number of music and entertainment events throughout the year.

Better Pay

Support higher wages for local artists to help attract a greater range of talent and performers.

Permits and Approvals

Pay for permits and approvals required by the State to host live music and special events as well as ASCAP fees.

Ongoing Maintenance

Have the funds necessary to continue to grow the program and introduce new concepts and events.


The Camp Store has invested heavily in our entertainment program. We now have a one-of-a-kind stage and an amazing holiday light shows with over 14,000 LED lights! With your help we can continue to purchase the equipment we need to deliver experiences that anyone can enjoy and continue to make positive impacts to South Carlsbad State Beach and the city of Carlsbad!

The stage we have purchased is an "all terrain stage". It is located over the south end of our patio area which opens up the walkway around the store and enhancesthe flow of foot traffic. It is weather-proof and height adjustable and can be removed and relocated as necessary and be used for all types of purposes. This location also delivers 360 degree viewing with the sound from music performances going towards the ocean.

The Final Concept

The Camp Store is a new experience at South Carlsbad State Beach. Our goal when developing this area was to provide a family friendly atmosphere that offers great food and cold drinks out of our restaurant, an assortment of snacks and supplies out of our store, and to provide a destination that our Carlsbad community can gather to enjoy live music and entertainment from local artists and bands. The concept also involves the possibility for members and institutions in our local community to host events or functions of their own in this location.

The Objective

We strive to be a central hub for all types of entertainers, performers, and special events like our holiday light show from our bluff top perch at South Carlsbad State Beach. Our "all terrain" stage can withstand the elements and is now used for a myriad of events and possibilities. We also seek to attract and be able to pay for all manners of entertainers and acts that anyone is open to enjoy free of charge. And lastly, we want to to create a system where we have the ability to maintain this program as a benefit to our local community and visitors alike which is the rationale behind a subscription based system.

“The Camp Store gives Carlsbad a unique opportunity to bring live music to the beach and create an entertainment venue unlike anywhere else."
Courtney Marcotti
The Camp Store Owner
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