Beach Rentals FAQ

Please Note:

The Camp Store is still in development. We hope to be operational soon but for now this website is intended to serve as a place mark and is for basic informational purposes only. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q: What time should we pick up the items we rented?

All items are managed on a set Booking Schedule that you can browse online. This schedule allows you to choose the best time that suits your schedule. If there is an item that you’d like to rent but is not available on the schedule please send us an e-mail with your request and we will do our best to accommodate your request:

Q: What time do I need to return the items we rented?

Each individual item will provide specific information about when you are expected to bring the items back to The Camp Store. This information will be specified in your rental contract. In some instances we can facilitate a pick-up directly from your campsite but it’s much more helpful and efficient if you can return the items back to their original location.

Q: When does my credit card get charged?

All items require full payment upfront to lock in your reservation. There are no refunds given for no shows.

Q: What do I do if I have mechanical trouble with the bike or scooter, etc…? (flat tire, broken chain, out of power)

Please contact The Camp Store’s rental department and and we will come and fix the issue, replace the equipment, or issue a refund if these options are not available.
(714) 369-8121

Q: What advantage do I have by making my reservation online?

Online reservations are very fast and easy. You can view our entire catalog of land, beach, and water items at your leisure and see exactly what we have available on your specific dates. When you arrive at your campsite, you will be able to start enjoying your vacation instead of wasting valuable time deciding on your rental selections that might already be booked!

Any type of early online registration is treated the same. We reserve our newest equipment for our online reservations. You are also guaranteed that we will have your item(s) ready for you when you get here.

Q: What Size Surfboard Do I Need?

A: If you need a general idea of what surfboard is right for your height, weight and surfing ability, the chart below will help you find the right surfboard to meet your needs. Enjoy your time in the water!

Your HeightYour WeightBoard Length

Q: What Size Bicycle Do I Need?

A: Unlike more technical bikes, getting a precise fit on a beach cruiser is generally not as important since it is a more relaxed style of bike. However, you do want a bike that fits you well enough so you can pedal comfortably and easily control the handlebars to ride safely. The chart below gives you an approximate height and age range for each size of beach cruiser.

Wheel SizeFrame SizeHeight (ft.)Age
26”extended6’ and overadult

Q: Anything else?

If you have a question that was not answered here, feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone.