The Camp Store Slideshow – A visual journey of transformation.


  1. Parisa Hill

    Incredible story in pictures! Best transformation ever! My husband and I have been camping here since we first met in 2014. We visited the old camp store for the occasional item, but it NEVER had the presence and happy vibe the new camp store has! We now camp with our toddlers and look forward to a night off of camp cooking to enjoy some pizza, cold beverages and live music AS THE SUN IS SETTING! The only regret we have this weekend is that we missed THE RAM- my four year old’s new favorite jam! Thank you for sharing your journey and your labor of love! We look forward to many more pizza and sunsets!

  2. Jean Marcotti

    Been there from day one. Seen it all. Your vision became reality with physical and emotional hard work. Where else can you go enjoy music, delicious food and drinks, and watch glorious ocean view sunsets? Truly a wonderful family friendly place to gather. Thank you Anthony and Courtney

  3. Jean Marcotti

    Great place to shop for clothes, drinks, sundries, cand, snacks and don’t forget a hat and sunscreen from the campstore.
    Delicious pizza, tater tots and fries with truffle salt, chicken wings, Caesar salads, house salads and more from the campstore restaurant! Add the outdoor music and ocean views. You’ve got magic.

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