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A little over a year ago we inherited The Camp Store at South Carlsbad State Beach with an ambitious goal to revitalize this neglected area into a destination people would want to visit and create an experience that has never been imagined before in any state beach park. 

Our concept was and is simple; modernize the building while retaining some of its history as a camp store, add a restaurant where people can enjoy affordable meals and drinks with their families and friends with fantastic views, design and maintain an elegant native landscaping plan and dining area, clean and inviting, and give everyone a place that we all can be proud of as citizens of Carlsbad. 

As this year has progressed we have been really stoked and honored to meet so many people in our community, especially in the local neighborhoods, who have given us their kind words and support. We literally cannot think of one interaction that was not positive and everyone’s support and enthusiasm for what we have been doing has been a driving force to keep our heads down and keep making it better and better. We are close to finally seeing our concept come to life.  

We have recently started to hire a team of talented chefs and staff that we hope will help us deliver not only a great meal but a friendly experience for anyone who wants to come visit us. Our restaurant opening is imminent and we think everyone will be excited at the pizza we will be cooking and all of the other delicious items we have planned for the menu. 

That being said, this Wednesday through Friday from 7:30am – 11:00am  we will be testing out our breakfast menu and would like to invite anyone interested to come out and give it a try and your feedback.  It is a work in progress but we are all really pleased with the presentation and flavors we have created , we hope you will be as well! Our sample menu is listed below.

We’ve also set aside some Camp Store t-shirts that we will be giving out for our first restaurant customers until we run out. So please come down, grab breakfast, and meet our chefs (and if anyone has experience in the kitchen we are actively looking for more good spirited and talented additions to our team).

Again, thank you so much for the kind words and support, we are honored to have what feels like the entire community and camping community rallying behind us, popping their heads into the store asking when the restaurant is opening… we are happy to finally be able to say that day has finally come. A soft opening now and by early July we hope to have the full restaurant experience in full swing. And then onto the final project, the back patio/lounge!

Cheers, Anthony and Courtney
The Camp Store


The Camp Store Breakfast Menu

Ponto Burrito: $8
scrambled eggs, choice of bacon or turkey sausage, pepperjack cheese, tater tots, flour tortilla, fresh salsa on side (mild red or spicy green)

Soyrizo Burrito: $9
Soy chorizo, scrambled eggs, pepperjack cheese, tater tots, flour tortillas, fresh salsa on side (mild red or spicy green)

South Carlsbad Roll: 9.5
fresh mortadella, scrambled eggs, provolone cheese, on a toasted potato bun 

Sunrise Sandwich: $8
bacon, scrambled eggs, american cheese, shaved red onions, tomatoes on a toasted potato bun

Avocado Smash: $10
smashed avocado, feta crumbles, pickled red onions, heirloom cherry tomatoes, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, on a thick multigrain toast

French Toast Sticks: $6
kid friendly french toast sticks served with maple syrup

Grilled Cheese Sandwich: $7
american cheese, served on buttery toasted classic white bread with tater tots

Seasonal Fruit Bowl: $6 
fresh berries, seasonally available local fruits

The Camp Store Acai Bowl: $9.5
acai sorbet blended with apple juice and banana, granola, seasonal berries, sliced banana, topped with local organic honey and coconut flakes (extra toppings will be available at a later date)

Breakfast Sides
Tater Tots: $2.5
French Fries: $2.5
Fruit Cup: $2

Coffee Menu

One size cup = 10 oz
Regular or Decaf options
For this week all milk is 2% to keep orders simple and fast

Coffee: $1.86
Coffee with Milk: $2.09
Espresso: $1.86
Double Espresso: $2.32
Cappuccino: $2.78
Cappuccino with Fresh Milk: $3.02
Vanilla Cappuccino: $2.78
Vanilla Cappuccino with Fresh Milk: $3.02
Chocolate Cappuccino: $2.78
Chocolate Cappuccino with Fresh Milk: $3.02
Hot Chocolate: $1.86
Hot Chocolate with Fresh Milk: $2.32
French Vanilla: $2.78
Café Latte: $2.78
Café Mocha: $3.02
Café Vanilla: $3.02

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