Help us Finish The Camp Store!

For the past year we have worked tirelessly, and at great expense, to bring our vision of what South Carlsbad State Beach could and should be like, to life. For 37 days straight this past October/ November we rehabilitated the landscaping and concrete around The Camp Store into an area that people can enjoy with some degree of serenity and cleanliness. For the past 77 days in a row we have worked sun up to sun down every day on reconfiguring the store to now include a state of the art kitchen where we plan on delivering the best pizza imaginable cooked in a special wood-stone oven. But not just that, our full menu will encompass breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, coffee, and drinks.  And for the first time ever people will be able to legally enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine from atop the bluff, listen to live music, and be able to take the family out for an affordable dinner with a view. There is nothing else like it, and we are painstakingly close to fulfilling our vision.

This Saturday we are excited to report that we will be reopening a temporary version of our store. The Cafe is still 4 weeks+ away but the Health Department has approved our plans, the tile is being laid in the kitchen, a new countertop and order window goes in over the next 4 days, a new fence for the patio is in the works, and the process of cleaning up the tremendous mess that accumulates during construction is underway. To give everyone a tease we have included slides of our proposed menu above. Our menu was developed for not just  people camping but for our local community to be able to come down and enjoy a new experience at the beach. Some things will change but the foundation of our menu is pretty set and we have already tested out every dish besides the pizzas (which we will do when the oven arrives).  It will blow your taste buds away without blowing up your wallet.

But as many large scale projects delayed by Covid and Park closures wind down and and costs add up we could definitely use the help and support of our North County community to get us over the last few hurdles in front of us. We have set up a special gift card that you can get for your family or give away as a gift in anticipation of the cafe opening or to use inside the store. Any gift card purchase over $100 will enjoy a 7.75% discount at checkout. The link to the Gift Cards are in our bio.

Lastly, we’d really like to thank so many of you for your enthusiasm and compliments on the transformation so far. It’s very evident that camping at South Carlsbad State Beach holds a special place in a lot of people’s hearts and in many cases this love of Carlsbad is being passed on generation to generation. Every day we hear stories of people who have been camping there for 30, 40, 50 years and how stoked they are with what we’ve done to reenergize the camp store they are so fond of. 

We are honored to have this opportunity and look forward to meeting as many of you as possible over the upcoming days, weeks, and years! Thanks again!

All the best, Anthony and Courtney

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