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A new experience at South Carlsbad State Beach, California. Featuring Great Food, Cold Drinks, Live Music, and Light Shows!

Please Note

The Camp Store restaurant is now open for lunch Friday through Sunday and for dinner every night (except Monday and Tuesday) starting at 4:00pm. The store is open 7 days a week at 10:00am Wednesday through Sunday and at 2:00pm Monday and 2:00pm on Tuesday. Our Holiday Light show starts at 5:00pm on days we don't have music and at 6:05pm on days we have music.

Event Calendar

A brand new feature on our website! Check out upcoming events at The Camp Store and subscribe to our calendar to always know what is going on at The Camp Store!

Join the Camp Store Club

Your membership subscription will help support The Camp Store’s efforts to create a beachfront destination for our community to enjoy that brings people together.

The Camp Store is spreading seasonal cheer with “THE SOUND OF LIGHT”, our new annual holiday light and music displays that will illuminate the beach during both the Halloween and Holiday seasons. We provide this event to the public free of charge; however due to the substantial equipment and production costs we do accept donations as part of “The Camp Store Club” initiative. Planned dates for 2023 are above! 

San Diego's only bluff-top restaurant

The Camp Store Restaurant now offers visitors a comprehensive menu covering breakfast, lunch, and dinner centered around a wood-stone pizza oven. We also serve coffee and every type of snack and drink imaginable.

Everything you need!

The Camp Store now offers visitors a variety of everyday items, supplies, and gifts to enhance their stay at South Carlsbad State Beach. This includes groceries, snacks, and an array of non-alcohol and alcohol essentials. We have almost everything you need to enjoy your experience at the beach and we are improving our selection every day!

Affordable camping supplies

We do our best to make your stay the best it can possibly be. We offer the best deals on firewood and ice. We will also carry an essential list of useful camping supplies.

Beach Rentals

The Camp Store now offers surfboards and bodyboards to rent for affordable rates.

The Camp Store Restaurant Menu

Our menu is simple. The food tastes amazing and is centered around pizza, salads, soups and seasonal snacks like chicken wings; everything you want to eat when you're camping or at the beach! We also serve hot coffee all day and the beers are cold all night. You and your taste buds will leave impressed!

Special Events

The Camp Store would love to host your next event! We can accommodate an assortment of events that suit your needs. Whether you have a small group and want to reserve a table or a large group who want to take over the full venue with enough time we can plan out almost anything!

The Camp Store Club

We strive to be a central hub for all types of entertainers and performers from our bluff top perch at South Carlsbad State Beach. Our immediate goal is to have the ability to fund a suitable "all terrain" stage that can withstand the elements and be used for a myriad of events and possibilities. Our secondary objective is to attract and be able to pay for all manners of entertainers and acts that anyone is open to enjoy free of charge. And lastly, to create a system where we have the ability to maintain this program as a benefit to our local community and visitors alike which is the rationale behind a subscription based system.

"We are excited to bring The Camp Store concept to life and give our local Carlsbad community as well as visitors to the Park the best experience possible!"
Anthony Marcotti